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How Send Activity Reminders with Groupflows
Groupflows lets you automatically send reminders for activities before they start. Reminders can be sent through email or posted on Discord. Both of these methods are free.
You can control when reminders are sent onactivity pagesby pressing the "Set Reminder" button. They can be sent between 10 minutes and 24 hours before the activity starts.
You can also control who the reminder gets sent to based on the RSVP categories of the event. For example, you can configure the reminder so it only gets sent to people who RSVPed as "Going".
There is an option to include a one-time message which gets sent with the reminder. Only one reminder can be sent per activity, but we are planning to support multiple reminders per activity soon.
Email reminders will be sent to participants who have voluntarily provided their email address. You can see how many people have done this while setting up or configuring reminders.
If you haveinstalled the Groupflows bot on Discordyou can also:
  • Set reminders when you use the/new commandto create activities.
  • Post reminders to Discordwith the full activity details and buttons to change RSVP statuses.
  • @Tag participants so they get Discord notifications related to your activities.
Reminders can be updated any time prior to the activity by pressing the "Update Reminder" button.
Last updated on September 22, 2022