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Activity: A hike at Windy Hill Preserve in California
Windy Hill Preserve Hike
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Windy Hill Preserve is a beautiful 1,414-acre park with public hiking trails. The park is named after a distinctive grassy hill with dramatic views overlooking Stanford and southeastern portions of the San Francisco Peninsula. The Spring Ridge Trail climbs from the main parking lot at 555 Portola Rd to the summit of Windy Hill, where it connects with Anniversary Trail. There are two small parking lots at the summit, including one with restroom facilities at the Anniversary Trail parking lot. These trails primarily traverse open grassland and are exposed to the sun, but they also offer the best views in the park. These areas are also ideal for kite flying. The other trails are mostly shaded by large trees and are comfortable in any type of weather. They also feature large picturesque redwoods in certain spots. All trails are mild to moderate difficulty and are unpaved but well-maintained.
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