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Easily arrange group activities
Easily arrange
group activities
Pick meeting times, handle RSVPs, and send reminders
Pick meeting times, handle RSVPs,
and send reminders
Create a New Activity
Start activities quickly with reusable activity templates
Start activities with reusable
activity templates
Search all activity templatesor click on popular template tags below:
Search all templatesor click on
popular tags below:
Dungeons and DragonsSchoolWorld of WarcraftMeetingsFinal FantasyPartiesWest GameMMORPGs
How Groupflows Works
Discover and share group activities
Find things to do with others bysearchingthrough reusable activity templates.
You can press a button to turn templates into activity pages where people can pick meeting times, RSVP, and get reminders.
Each template can also be fully customized to suit your needs.
Learn More About Templates
Find the best time to meet up
You and your friends can suggest meeting times without creating accounts.
Groupflows automatically detects everyone's time zones and merges overlapping suggestions to create a chronological timeline of options.
People can vote for times so you find the most popular results.
See Interactive Example
RSVP without signing up for Groupflows
People can RSVP to your activity once a time is picked for it.
You can share the link to your activity on any platform. Link recipients can join your activity by simply typing their name.
You can also customize and create new RSVP options with Premium.
See Interactive Example
notifications and
reminders about activities
Ensure people remember to attend your activity by sending reminders.
Participants can opt-in to receive text messages or email notifications about an activity. You can also notify people on Discord with theGroupflows Discord bot.
Activity hosts like you have full control over when reminders are sent.
Learn More About Reminders
Make and share activities on Discord
Use theGroupflows Discord botto do things like:
Let attendees RSVP inside Discord
Send notifications through Discord
List upcoming events on your server
CreateScheduled Eventsfrom activities
Fully customize activities with Premium
You can use extra features for $5 per month:
Control how many people RSVP
Upload images directly to activities
Send multiple reminders per activity
Edit every aspect of the RSVP options
Get Premium for $5/Month