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Create powerful custom events on Discord
Find things to do, pick meeting times, and handle RSVPs, reminders, and recurring events
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Click the templates above to start activities or scroll down to learn how Groupflows works
How Groupflows Works
Post events with theGroupflowsDiscord bot
Make activitiesin Discordwith a single command
Let people RSVP in 1 click withinteractivebuttons
Time zones are automaticallydetected andconverted
Integrated with Discord'sMake Discord-basedScheduled Eventsfeature
See Bot Commands
Manage activities with theGroupflowsweb dashboard
Edit activities, post them to Discord,and set reminders
Make new events fromreusable activitytemplates
Let people suggest, save,Suggestand vote for meeting times
Createcustomizedevents with suggestedmeetingtimes
See Interactive Example
Bot Commands
Create an activity and set a reminder for it with a single command.
You can type "/help new" to see exactly how the command works.
List the next upcoming activities scheduled for your server.
You can type "/next" by itself to get the full details of the soonest upcoming event, or you can add a number after "/next" to list multiple activities.
For example, if you write "/next 3" the names and times of 3 activities will appear. You can click the event names to see their full details.
Post the links to your server’s web dashboard.
See how Groupflows works and post the full list of commands on Discord.
You can also find more information about Groupflows on ourguide page.
Fully customize activities with Premium
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Upload images to your events
Control how many people RSVP
Add up to 22 customized RSVP options
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