Frequently Asked Questions
What is Groupflows?
Groupflows is a website and Discord bot that helps you schedule group events and video chats.
Who made Groupflows?
Groupflows was created by Johann Baptista and Willis Mattei, two software developers from California. We built the site ourselves and we're adding new features every day.
Why did you make Groupflows?
We noticed it was very difficult to coordinate meeting times for groups. Our initial goal was to solve this problem so people could meet more often.
In the future we will also eliminate other logistical barriers which prevent people from getting together. We want to make the process of arranging events as easy as possible.
How does Groupflows make money?
Most of our features are completely free, but you cansubscribe to Groupflowsfor $5 per month to customize your events in special ways.
Subscribers can add images to their events, change the RSVP options, and limit the number of attendees who can sign up to an event. They can also get priority support on ourDiscord server.
Discord Bot
What is the Groupflows Discord bot?
The Groupflows Discord bot is an integration that lets you connect a Groupflows group to a Discord server. You can learn more about the bot and download ithere.
Is Groupflows only available for Discord?
No, anyone can use Groupflows. However, we recommend that Discord users download the bot.
What is a "group"?
A Groupflows "group" is a collection of people who've provided information about times they'd like to meet and events they want to attend. This info is stored on a web page where group members can access it.
Who can see a group?
Each group has a unique URL link. Anyone who has this link can access the group page connected to it.
Members of a Discord server with the Groupflows bot can also access the group page for that server.
How many people can join a group?
There are no limits on the number of people who can join a group.
Does Groupflows work across time zones?
Yes, Groupflows converts all times into your local time zone. For example, if a person on the U.S. West Coast says they want to meet "after 1 pm" an individual on the East Coast would see "after 4 pm" instead.
What are "before" and "after" times?
"Before" and "after" times let you tell a group that you'll be available at any time before or after a point on a particular day. They will overlap with times which fall between that point and midnight.
For example, if you say you want to meet "after 5:30 pm" and someone else says they want to meet "from 7 pm to 8 pm" on the same day, the times will overlap.
Can everyone in a group see my times?
Yes, anyone in the same group as you can infer the times you've submitted from the info in the group. However, they cannot see the times you have in other groups unless they join those groups as well.
Do I need an account to use Groupflows?
No, you don't need an account to use Groupflows. No one you invite needs to sign up or log in either.
Does Groupflows have optional accounts?
Yes, you can create an optional account. You can save groups to your account to easily find them later.
You can also password-protect your name so other people in a group can't edit your times. Password-protected names have alock symbol next to them in the name dropdown menu.
Discord users automatically have their times protected and groups saved when they use Groupflows.
Is there a mobile app for Groupflows?
Not yet, but the website and Discord bot are fully mobile-compatible. We will have an app in the future.
Where is your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?
You can read our Privacy Policyhereand our Terms of Servicehere.
How can I contact Groupflows?
You can join ourDiscord serveror email We always respond within 24 hours.
Last updated on September 29, 2021