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How to Manage Permissions for the Groupflows Discord Bot
When you install the Groupflows bot on your Discord server, the bot requests these permissions:
  • Read Messages — this lets the bot detect when you type commands
  • Send Messages — this lets you post activities on your server with the bot
  • Manage Messages — this lets the bot update activities when people RSVP
  • Manage Events — this lets the bot use Discord's Scheduled Events feature
  • Embed Links — this lets you post links to activities on your server with the bot
You should not disable any of these permissions since Groupflows needs them to work properly.
In most cases, enabling these permissions when you download the bot will let Groupflows work immediately. However, some users discover that they still cannot use the bot after granting them.
There are several possible causes of this issue. This guide page walks through each step you should take to troubleshoot the problem. It is strongly recommended that you follow these steps on a desktop computer or laptop since Discord's menus are harder to navigate on mobile.
First, you should look at the list of users and bots located on the right side of the Discord channel where you are trying to use Groupflows. If Groupflows does not appear in this list that means the bot does not have permission to access the channel you are in.
This can happen if you are using a private channel, or if you gave the bot a role that is not allowed to see the channel. It can also occur if thecategorywhere the channel is located is set to private.
You can fix the private channel/category problem by following these steps:
  1. Right click the name of the channel or category
  2. Click "Permissions"
  3. Under "Advanced Permissions" find the role Groupflows is assigned
  4. Set the "View Channel" permission to true for the bot's role
  5. Make sure the 5 permissions listed at the top of this guide page are enabled for the bot's role
Channel permissions can overwrite category permissions, so check the settings of each individual channel where you want to use the bot even if you granted permissions at the category level.
If you can see the bot's name in the channel but you still cannot use it there may be a server-wide permission issue with the bot itself or the role you assigned it.
You can quickly check to see if this is the case by running theadministrator test:
  1. Right click the name of the bot
  2. Click "Roles"
  3. Change the bot's role to "admin"
Once you've changed the bot's role to admin, try typing a Groupflows command (such as "/help") to see if it works. If the bot still does not work that confirms there is an issue with Groupflows itself. You should contact us on our Discord server if this happens.
However, if the bot successfully responds that unequivocally confirms there is a permission problem within your server, since the administrator role overrides all Discord permissions. The only way to fix this is to carefully look at the way the permissions are set up at the various levels within your server.
Here is one possible sequence you can follow to do this:
  1. Give the bot the role it used to have before you switched it to admin
  2. Left click the name of your server in the upper left corner of your screen
  3. Click "Server Settings"
  4. Click "Roles"
  5. Find the role assigned to Groupflows and click it
  6. Click "Permissions"
  7. Check to make sure the bot has the 5 permissions listed at the top of this guide page
  8. Close Server Settings and follow the 5 steps listed for checking channel/category permissions
  9. Double-check the permissions in the channel/category where you want to use the bot
This type of permission problem commonly occurs when you give the bot a role where the required permissions are disabled, since role settings will override the permissions you initially granted the bot.
Similarly, it can occur when you give the bot a role without realizing the role doesn't have the required permissions in a particular channel. (Channel-specific role settings override server-wide role settings.)
Sometimes Discord updates change the way roles interact with channels, interrupting roles which previously worked. If Groupflows suddenly starts showing signs of a permission issue you should always run the administrator test and start troubleshooting from there.
You can learn more about how Discord's permission system workshere.
Last updated on July 13, 2023