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How to Install Groupflows on Discord
In order to use certain Groupflows features on Discord, you need to install the Groupflows bot on your Discord server. You can download the bot by clicking the "Add to Discord" button below:
When you press this button you will be prompted to log into Discord if you are not already logged in. Discord will display a list of your servers. Select a server and press the "Continue" button.
Discord will then ask you to grant Groupflows the following permissions:
  • Read Messages — this lets the bot detect when you type commands
  • Send Messages — this lets you post activities on your server with the bot
  • Manage Messages — this lets the bot update activities when people RSVP
  • Manage Events — this lets the bot use Discord's Scheduled Events feature
  • Embed Links — this lets you post links to activities on your server with the bot
IMPORTANT: Don't disable any of these permissions. Groupflows needs them to work properly.
Once you press "Authorize" you will see text which says "Connecting your server to Groupflows..."
99.9 % of users will then see a page which says "Groupflows is connected to your server!" This means the bot was successfully installed and can be used in any server channel it has permission to access. If you get an error during this step please contact us on our Discord server.
If Groupflows was successfully installed but you still don't see it on your server type "/help" in a channel. If the bot posts a help message then everything is working correctly. If nothing happens it means the bot cannot access the channel(s) you're viewing on your server or there is an issue.
If the Groupflows bot isn't posting properly on your server, follow the steps listed in this guide post to check if the bot has the right Discord permissions.
Discord's permission system is complicated and it is the most common cause of problems people experience with Groupflows, but these issues can be fixed easily if you know where to look.
Last updated on July 13, 2023