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How to Post with Discord's Scheduled Events Feature
Discord has a feature calledScheduled Eventsthat lets users display events in a special tab on servers.
Groupflows can be used to post Scheduled Events if theGroupflows botis installed on your server. All you need to do is open an activity in yourgroup pageand press the "Post Scheduled Event" button.
Scheduled Events have several limitations imposed by Discord. They only have one RSVP button called "Interested" and they don't let users control when and how attendees are notified.
If users press the "Interested" button for a bot-generated Scheduled Event they will be recorded in the "Maybe" RSVP category on Groupflows. The reverse is not true because Discord doesn't let third-party systems add people to the "Interested" category.
You should use thenormal Groupflows activity postsinstead of Discord's Scheduled Events feature if you want to notify attendees before the activity starts or record detailed RSVP information.
Last updated on September 6, 2022