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How to Use Group Pages on Groupflows
NOTE: In the current version of Groupflows, group pages are only available for Discord users. They will be enabled for all users in the future.
When you install the Groupflows bot on Discord, Groupflows automatically creates a group page for your server. This group page lets you access a variety of different features, including:
  • A list of all the upcoming activities on your server
  • Web interfaces where you can create and edit activities
  • Potential meeting times suggested by people on your server
  • Past activities on your server which can be reused to create new activities
  • Settings to control the Groupflows features people in your server can access
(If you want to see how the group page features work you can visit an example group.)
Each group page has a unique link you can retrieve by typing "/group" on your Discord server. Anyone with this link can view your group page, though they can only use its features if they are logged in and you have granted permission for everyone in the group to use them.
You can prevent people from creating activities, editing the list of Potential Meeting Times, and posting activities on Discord through the "Group Settings" panel. You can also change the name of your group and grant people "Admin" rights so they can use every group feature if you previously restricted them.
Only one group page can be linked to your server at a time. If you want to replace the group that is generated when you install the bot, go to your account, click "Discord Groups", and click the red "X" icon next to your group. This will let you permanently (and irretrievably) delete the group.
Once the group is deleted you can press the "Add Discord Group" button on the Discord Groups page and select your server from the dropdown list. This will create a new group for your server.
Last updated on January 3, 2023