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How to Use Groupflows Accounts
Accounts are not required to use many features on Groupflows. In fact, you can
create activities,
vote for meeting times,RSVP to activities, and sign up foractivity notificationswithout them.
You can optionally make an account to get these benefits:
  • Subscribe to usePremium features
  • Manage your notification and time settings
  • Prevent other people from editing your data
  • Keep track of all your activities andtemplates
If you use Groupflows on Discord you can also keep track of thegroup pagesfor your Discord servers on your account. This is only enabled if you log into Groupflows with Discord.
If you want to sign up for an account, click thescreenshot of the icon you can click to open the navigation menuicon in the top right corner of this screen and press the "Log In" option. There are 3 ways you can sign in:
  • You can sign up without a password
  • You can sign up with your Discord account
  • You can sign up with a password and email
All these options are fully encrypted through secure account authentication providers. The passwordless option is provided byAuthilloand the email-based option is provided byAuth0.
Your credentials will never be shared with any companies besides Authillo, Discord, and/or Auth0. Groupflows employees cannot access your credentials and they will never ask you for them.
Last updated on December 24, 2022