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How to Use Groupflows Activity Templates
Activity templates let you create activity pages quickly without having to build them from scratch. The Groupflows AI also uses them to generate activities with more precision than AI could provide alone.
Templates store a variety of information about activities, including their names, images, and details. They can also contain custom RSVP and reminder settings. All templates are reusable.
There are several ways to access templates. You can press the "Create New Activity" button on the home page or your account activity page and then press the "Use an activity template instead" link in the activity creation form. You can also find templates on the template search page.
If you use Groupflows on Discord you can also access templates by running the /generate command. The bot uses templates behind the scenes automatically with this command. Moreover, you can also press the "Change Template" button to see similar templates.
Templates are made by users like you. Anyone can create a template by pressing the "Add Template" button at the end of the list on the template search page. Discord users can also make templates by running /generate and pressing the "Change Template" button and then the "New Template" button.
When you create a template you have to provide 4 fields (all other fields are optional):
This is a brief prompt which tells other users and the Groupflows AI what the template should be used for, such as "Forgotten Realms D&D Session" or "A small in-person birthday party". The activity prompt does not appear on activity pages made from the template.
This will appear as the title of the template on Groupflows and Discord. It will also be the default name for activity pages created from the template.
This will appear as the default image for activity pages created from the template.
Tags help users find your template when they are searching the template network. At least one tag is required for each template. These do not appear on activity pages made from the template.
When these fields are complete and you have added any other details you want to the template you can publish it to the public template network. You and other Groupflows users can then start their own activity pages with it. Other users can edit these activity pages but not the underlying template.
NOTE: All templates are publicly accessible through the template search system in the current version of Groupflows. Private templates that individuals can save and use are coming soon.
If you use Groupflows on Discord you can save activities created from templates to your server's group page. You can do this by selecting your server from the Discord list above the green "Use Activity" button on the page which appears when you click on a template.
Last updated on May 29, 2024