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How to Use Groupflows Activity Pages
Groupflows activity pages provide a variety of tools you can use to arrange group activities and events:
  • People canvote for activity times
  • Attendees can RSVP to the activity
  • You can share details about the activity
  • People can opt-in toget notifiedbefore the activity
There are several ways to make activity pages. You can start activity pages with pre-filled details bygenerating them with AIon Discord or selectingactivity templatesfrom our template network.
Alternatively, you can create them from scratch with the/create commandon Discord or by pressing the "Create New Activity" button on theGroupflows home pageor youraccountpage. You can also access the pre-filled activity templates through these buttons.
If you use Groupflows on Discord you can make activity pages through yourgroup pageas well.
If you start an activity from scratch there are only a couple things you must provide, including a title for the activity and a name for yourself if you aren't logged in. (You can change these later.)
You will also see a field which says "When" followed by 2 options: "Pick a time now" or "Let people vote on times". Selecting the second option will let people vote on times to schedule the activity.
Once you've created the activity you will land on the activity page. The page has 3 tabs only you can see: "Edit", "Share", and "Notify". The Edit tab lets you add an image, description, link, address, and custom RSVPs to the activity. You can also modify existing details such as the activity's name there.
The Share tab lets you share your activity page with other people via a unique link. People who click the link can see the activity, vote for times, and RSVP without signing up or logging in. They can vote and RSVP simply by providing their name (or by optionally signing into their Groupflows account).
The Notify tab lets you send text messages and emails to people who opt-in to receive them.
Activity pages are not publicly accessible unless you post the page link in a public place.
If you use Groupflows on Discord you canembed activitiesinside Discord or post them withDiscord's Scheduled Eventsfeature. You can also send Discord-based notifications.
Last updated on July 13, 2023