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How to Create Activities in Discord with Groupflows
This guide page covers creating group activities and events on Discord without using the AI features Groupflows offers. If you want to learn how to create activities with AI then click here.
If Groupflows is installed on your Discord server you can type "/create" in a channel on your server to make an activity. The command has five fields, but only one of them is required:
This is the only required field -- it is used as the title for your activity on Discord and Groupflows.
An optional field where you can provide details about the activity.
An optional field where you can specify when the activity will happen. Times can be written in almost any format, such as "tomorrow from 3 to 4 pm" or "at 19:00 on January 2nd".
The activity time is based on your local time zone. Groupflows automatically translates this time into other people's time zones when they view your activity.
If you don't include a time then Groupflows will assume you want to let people vote on times to schedule the activity.
NOTE: The /create command currently only works for one-time (non-repeating) activities. If you want to make repeating activities you should press the "Create New Activity" button on the home page or your group page instead. Repeating activities will be added to /create in the future.
An optional field where you can add an image to your activity with a URL link. Make sure the link ends in ".jpg", ".png", or ".webp" to ensure the image displays properly.
An optional field where you can add an image to your activity by attaching a file.
After you fill in these fields Groupflows will ask if you want to set a reminder for the activity. You can use the dropdown menu which appears to select the time when you want the reminder to post.
If you want to set a custom reminder time not listed in the dropdown menu's options you should create the activity
in Groupflows
instead of using the /create command. You should also do this if you're a Premium subscriber and you want to set more than one reminder for the activity.
Once you select a reminder option the activity will appear in the channel where you used the /create command. You can click the activity's title to open it in Groupflows, where you can edit the activity and its reminder settings. You can also access additional features through the activity's Groupflows page.
Last updated on July 13, 2023