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How to Use Premium Features on Groupflows
Premium gives you access to advanced features on an unlimited number of Discord servers (and outside Discord) for just $5 (€4.25) per month.
Groupflows currently offers the following features for Premium subscribers:
25 AI activity generations per hour
Subscribers can create up to 25 activities with the /generate command on Discord each hour. Free tier users can only make up to 5 activities with /generate per hour.
5 automatic reminders per activity
Subscribers can schedule up to 5scheduled notificationsper activity. Reminders can notify attendees through texts, email, andDiscord.Free tier users can only set 1 automatic notification per activity.
22 customized RSVP categories per activity
Subscribers can change an activity's RSVP options so they are not limited to "Going", "Not Going", and "Maybe". You can add up to 22 new RSVP options with their own labels and icons per activity.
Limit the number of attendees
Subscribers can limit the number of participants allowed for each RSVP category. For example, you can set the maximum number of people who can sign up as "Going" to 10.
Upload images to activities
Subscribers can upload images to activities. These images appear on Discord activity posts (including Discord'sScheduled Eventslist),Groupflows activity pages,and in link previews for your activity. Free tier users can link to image URLs for activities, but direct image uploads are reserved for subscribers.
Stealth mode for /generate
Subscribers can use the /generate command on Discord without showing the activity generation process to other people in the channel where they are using the command.
Priority support
Subscribers can get expedited support for issues on ourDiscord serverand through the "Contact Us" form in thescreenshot of the icon you can click to open the navigation menumenu at the top right corner of this page. Free tier users can also get support through these channels, but we prioritize requests from subscribers.
If you want to get Premium just click the button below (if you're signed out you will be asked to log in):
premium iconGet Premium for $5/Month
You can manage your Premium subscription from youraccount.Payments are handled byStripe,a secure payment processor. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time but cannot be refunded.
Last updated on July 13, 2023