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How to Send Activity Notifications with Groupflows
Groupflows lets you send notifications to people who are attending or possibly attending your activities. There are two types of notifications: immediate notifications you can send now, and scheduled reminder notifications which can be automatically sent in the future.
Scheduled reminders can be sent up to a month prior to an activity. You can set the time with one of the preset time options (ranging from 10 minutes to 24 hours before the activity starts) or you can press the "Select custom time..." option below the presets to configure a specific notification time.
Activity hosts can configure these notifications on activity pages by pressing the "Notify" tab. They can control who receives notifications based on the activity's RSVP categories (for example, they could only notify people who RSVP as "Going"). Hosts can include custom messages in notifications as well.
Participants can opt-in to receive text message or email notifications on the activity page by clicking on the "(Edit)" link next to their name. They can also manage these preferences on their accounts.
If you use Groupflows on Discord you can post reminders on your Discord server with the full activity details and buttons to change RSVP statuses. You can also @tag participants so they get Discord notifications. In the future you will also be able send notifications through Discord DMs.
You can set 1 scheduled notification per activity for free and up to 5 scheduled notifications with
You can send an unlimited number of immediate activity notifications for free.
Last updated on December 23, 2022