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How to Post Activities in Text Channels
You can post activities inside Discord text channels with Groupflows. Bot-generated activity posts have:
  • The name of the activity, which you can click to open the activity in Groupflows
  • The time of the activity, which is automatically converted across time zones
  • A link which you can click to add the activity to your Google Calendar
  • Buttons which people can click to RSVP as "Going", "Not Going", or "Maybe"
There are several ways to post Groupflows activities in Discord text channels. If you make an activity by typing "/generate" or "/create" it will be posted in the channel where you used the command.
You can also create an activity in your Groupflows group page (or open an existing activity there) and post it to a Discord text channel. There are 2 different ways you can accomplish this.
First, you can set a scheduled notification for the activity while you are creating or editing it. This will automatically post the activity in the Discord channel you choose at a time you specify before it starts.
If you created the activity with the /generate or /create commands the scheduled notification will be posted in the channel where you used the command unless you edit it in Groupflows. If you add or edit the reminder in Groupflows you can select the channel where the activity will be posted.
Second, you can post the activity to any text channel at any time by opening the activity page on Groupflows and pressing the "Post on Discord" button in the "Share" tab.
In all these cases the bot will post the activity with the properties listed at the beginning of this article. It can also @tag people so they receive a Discord notification when it's posted. For example, you can instruct the bot to notify anyone who RSVPed as "Going" to an activity.
Last updated on July 13, 2023