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How to Vote for Activity Times
People can suggest meeting times and vote to decide when an activity will happen with Groupflows.
You can do this by generating an activity with AI without providing a time in the /generate command on Discord. You can also accomplish this by creating a new activity from scratch with the "Let people vote on times" option selected in the "When" input on the activity creation form.
When the "Let people vote on times" option is selected three clickable toggles will appear. The first says "Let others add times" -- if you don't untoggle this then participants can add time slots to your list.
The second toggle says "Auto-pick first time to get [4] votes" -- if you don't untoggle this then Groupflows will automatically schedule the activity at the first time to receive 4 votes. You can change the "[4]" to any number besides 0 or 1 to auto-pick the time with the number of votes you specify.
The third toggle says "Time options must be at least [30 minutes] long" -- if you don't untoggle this then Groupflows will hide slots that are less than 30 minutes. You can set the minimum duration to anything between 1 minute and 12 hours.
If you generated the activity with the /generate command on Discord, the time voting system will set the minimum duration to 30 minutes and pick the first time to get 4 votes by default. You can change these settings by clicking the "Activity" button below your event post to open the activity in Groupflows, then click the "Edit Scheduling" button in the "Edit" tab to modify the settings.
Once the activity is created you will see the "Vote for Activity Times" section on the Groupflows page for your activity. It has a chronological list of potential meeting times submitted with the "Add New Times" button. You can change the settings of this list by pressing "Edit Scheduling" in the "Edit" tab.
People can vote for meeting times in this list by pressing the "✓" and "X" icons on each time slot. If the auto-picking feature is enabled time slots that are 1 vote away from being auto-picked will have a gold highlight. You can click on a time slot to see who voted for it and pick it as the winning time manually.
If you use Groupflows on Discord and have times in the list of Potential Meeting Times on your server's group page you can auto-populate the time list by selecting the "Sync My Group Times" checkbox. This won't remove any existing time slots that are already on the page for your activity.
You can share the link to this activity with other people so they can see the times and vote on them. People will be asked to add their name when they click on a time option (unless they previously used Groupflows on their device). They can simply type a name to vote or log into their account.
The only way Discord users can vote on times is to click an activity link to open Groupflows, where they can vote with their Discord account. The ability to vote for times in Discord is coming soon.
The "Vote For Activity Times" section is replaced by the "RSVPs" section when the time is scheduled. People who voted for the winning time are automatically listed in the "Going" RSVP category, while people who voted for other times are listed in the "Maybe" category. They can change their RSVP status at any time they want by clicking on other RSVP categories.
Last updated on July 13, 2023